Do you want your own picture in this photo gallery and maybe even on the page of the thing you are wearing or otherwise interacting with itself with a link back to your own website? Would you also like Topatoco Fun Buxx as incentive to send us your picture? Good, we're on the same page.

We used to be terrible about posting pictures but now we have built-in stuff to do it better! Here are the rules and like, how to do things.

  1. Filesizes of pictures must be less than 5MB.
  2. Pictures should clearly show the thing you're interacting with.
  3. We prefer horizontally-aligned pictures but vertical ones are okay too.
  4. Dirty pictures or pictures involving toilet humor or dead things will not be published. No boobies, wieners, ladywieners, or butts. Okay maybe part of a butt, but not the whole thing.
  5. Submit your picture and caption using the form below. We will look at it/them and decide whether to publish or not!

If everything goes right and we run your picture we'll send you a code for $10 off your next order (limit one per person every six months)! Offer is only for new pictures, submitted after 13 June 2012. We'll also include a link to whatever website you wish to link to in the caption (site linked must meet our arbitrary standards of decency)! This offer may end at any time!

But submitting pictures you are authorizing us to host, display, and use you picture(s) for our advertising purposes. We promise not to sell your pictures but we can't be responsible if someone else downloads it and does something weird with it. If you ever want anything removed or edited, just ask us and we'll do it.