The Nib's Calendar of Obscure Holidays 2018


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The Nib
January 29: Bubble wrap appreciation day. If it's September, you better be celebrating Chicken month. IF ONLY THERE WAS A CALENDAR TO KEEP TRACK OF THESE IMPORTANT DATES! 

Well now there is. The Nib's Calendar of Obscure Holidays is back for 2018! Each month will feature a completely obscure holiday you know nothing about illustrated by Matt Bors, Gemma Correll, Maki Naro, Andy Warner, John Martz, Shannon Wright, Eleri Mai Harris, Ben Passmore, Matt Lubchansky, Mark Kaufman, Sarah Winifred Searle, and Bianca Xunise!

This 12 x 9 wall calendar is packed with the dates of obscure holidays, little-known anniversaries, c-list historical events, and bizarre awareness weeks—no practical dates of use whatsoever—all illustrated by the Nib's editorial team and contributors.