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This Is How You Die (Machine of Death Vol. 2)


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Our book MACHINE OF DEATH introduced the concept of the machine that can predict how you die. So many of you read and loved that book that we invited you to send us more stories on the same theme, exploring all-new ideas!

THIS IS HOW YOU DIE contains our favorite 31 stories out of the nearly 2,000 submissions we received, all of which take the Machine of Death concept to deeper, more unusual, and even more compelling places.

THIS IS HOW YOU DIE was named one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Summer Books of 2013!

Here's a review on Kirkus too! And heck, a super-great one from The A.V. Club!

In addition to the great stories, every piece in THIS IS HOW YOU DIE features an illustration by one of the top names in independent comics — folks such as Ramón Pérez, Aaron Diaz , Braden Lamb, Trudy Cooper, Meredith Gran, Lexxy Douglass, Becky Dreistadt, Graham Annable, Carla Speed McNeil, and many others!

The book also contains exclusive comic strips by Kris Straub, Ryan Pequin, Anthony Clark, and KC Green.

And just so you can make sure it’s something you’re going to like, we’ve got a bunch of FREE sample stories you can download!