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The English Language: Even when you're using it right, you're using it wrong. It's the only language constructed from leftover words and sentence fragments that other languages didn't want. Based on this strip , the shirt is perfect for anyone plagued by the complete lack of consistent rules, grammar, spelling systems…or even bothered by the people's misuse of the apostrophe in "it's". But then, it's also perfect for people who themselves misuse the apostrophe in "it's". Because c'mon, that rule is weird and totally arbitrary like the rest of the dang language.

Shirt Info: Painstakingly screenprinted on Mens 100% Cotton Hanes Beefy-T in Dark Chocolate, and Ladies " " American Apparel Crew-Neck Jersey Tees in Brown, too! Print is about 11" wide on the front. See sizing information if you are curious about how big things are in real life.