Yates' Handmade Magnets

Chris Yates

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Oh yeah, they're finally back and way way way better than ever!

Have you been looking for the most delightful handmade painted wood magnets known to MANKIND? Look no further, you have arrived at the specific place that will allow you to fulfill that (very specific) dream.

Yates' Magnets are lovingly packaged into assorted 4-Packs, with 2 different flavors of exciting variety. "Critters" features giraffes, turtles, fishies, dinosaurs, aliens, ghosts, slugs, elephants & surprises! "Thingies" features hearts, shamrocks, bombs, stars, clouds, magnets, popsicles, potions & even more surprises! As each magnet is made by humans, each one will be a little different.