Bruno Book One

Christopher Baldwin


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Uh... Hey... Mom and Dad, I'm Dropping out of College

The first bruno collection was originally released as a hand bound book in the autumn of 1996. All books are now machine "perfect" bound
which was a necessity to keep up with the rising demand.
Full color cover (shown above). The book spans the first eight months of the strip from January - August 1996. The foreword
is something I wrote/adapted/butchered (up to interpretation). In the back are an appendix (which is new to this printing), a "little Bruno history", sketches from how it all started, a gallery of other odd Bruno memorabelia, a poster I did for Bruno film which never happened, a biography of Tupshin Harper (the guy originally behind the computer venue which Bruno entered, and a biography of myself.

All information, bios and etc. were written at the time of first publishing (with the exception of the appendix which was written in the autumn of 1998) and have not been changed in order to mark the period in which they came out.