Bruno Book Seven

Christopher Baldwin


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"Lebensraum" - Bruno Book#7

The title of this book "Lebensraum", according to the American Heritage Dictionary, means "additional territory deemed necessary to a nation for its continued existence or economic well-being." I think it is a very appropriate title as I think in the year or Royal Apparel 5051, not only did I have her "conquer" new countries and new universes of dreaming, but I also managed to bring Bruno into a new level of something-or-other. Not sure what exactly it is, but it filled out a lot, became suddenly richer. I know doing the two-and-a-half month dream-sequence seemed to take down a lot of fears of mine and allow me to move forward with the strip, but as well much better sourcing of backgrounds, experiments with including other languages (yes, the translations are in the appendix), Stanley's adoption, and even having to do the strips just post-September 11th. I think that all of these things have helped me in continuing to realize this project for what it is and can be, and have kept it fun for me to do. Dat fun, which is very very so much important.

So what's in it?

200 pages, full color cover (shown above). The book spans the full year of or Royal Apparel 5051. The foreword written by Kip Manley, who you can see more of at his site at "Lead-to-Gold". In the back are an appendix, a list of people who have helped by patroning my endeavors (thank you all so much!), bios, a brief travel synopsis of my trip to Europe, sketches from how it all started, plus the full run of Kim in Love!