Bruno Book Three and Four

Christopher Baldwin


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These Troubled Soles & The Seventh Cause (Or The Lie Direct)

Bruno books #3 & 4 were reprinted in one double-sized book, with black & white cover, shown above.

The book spans from May 1997- January 1999. The forewords were written by Will Devlin Willson and Mel Doherty (both are included), and the intro poem/toast was written by myself. In the back are special crossover strips done by Peter Zale and myself of Helen and Bruno meeting in Boston. As well other fun stuff, including my mom's recipe for lasagna, and several sketches from my college model-class sketchbooks.

All information, bios and etc. were written at the time of first publishing and have not been changed in order to mark the period in which they came out.

The third bruno collection was originally released as a hand bound book in the spring of 1998. All books are now machine "perfect" bound which was a necessity to keep up with the rising demand.