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Track Listing:
1. Cats and Netflix 02:39
2. Unstoppable Force 03:13
3. Dimetrodon 03:23
4. Ennui (On We Go) 03:16
5. Where Did You Go? 02:48
6. Wonder 03:35
7. Internet Troll 03:15
8. Working For Me 03:01
9. Tabletop (featuring Adam Warrock) 03:55
10. Godzilla 03:05
11. Love You Like A Burrito 02:34
12. Will They Or Won't They (live in Seattle) 02:23
13. Clever Girl (live in Seattle) 01:11

Dimetrodon is the third studio album by the Doubleclicks, full of songs written for the Internet and about love, games, food and prehistoric creatures.

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released 10 June 2014

This album was produced by Mike Phirman and the Doubleclicks.
This amazing album art was all done by Kris Straub.
The enclosed poster was created by Lar DeSouza.