Girls With Slingshots Vol. Eight

Girls With Slingshots


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Book Eight collects strips 1401 to 1599 in big bold color, including some sad strips about Hazel and Zach, some not-sad strips about a carnival goldfish, some sweet strips about Tucker and Fiona, and Jamie & Erin's cupcake party... and a sloth. Special Bonus Features include How To Draw Tucker & Fiona and a photo collage of Danielle's cross-country road trip, plus a memorial to Goldie the Actual Real Goldfish. 120 pages.

**Danielle won't have time to personalize the books this year, but she will make bookplates available with original Tucker, Fiona, or Sloth sketches in mid-November! She'll announce this on her website!**

Book Info: 132 Pages, Color, ISBN 978-1-936561-27-8.