Problem Sleuth Book One: Compensation, Adequate

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This is what being a hard boiled problem sleuth is all about. It's about being a strong, silent type, oozing with confidence, charisma, and other fine qualities such as not being trapped in your own office. It's about having a working phone. A real desk. Not one, but two steak dinners. And some hysterical broad on the line, yackin' about some fella she's got troubles with. It's always the same thing with dames. You comfort yourself in your sublime fantasy by now and then saying things into the phone such as, "Now calm down a second, toots..." and "Hey, take it easy, sweetheart. I can barely understand a word you're sayin'..." Being a hard boiled problem sleuth is what this book is all about.

Volume 1 contains chapters 1 through 5, plus a whole lot of author's notes and extra drawings, a foreword by Ryan North, and swear words! 192 pages, color, ISBN 978-0-9824862-3-8.