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For Shadowhunters, runes are a complex language that grants them powers beyond those of mundanes. 

The angelic power rune, or enkeli, is a symbol of the bond between the Nephilim and their creator, the angel Raziel. As such, it is one of the first Marks given to young Shadowhunters. The enkeli rune is also used to clear away demonic influences and imbue weapons with angelic properties.

The parabatai rune creates a lifelong bond between two Shadowhunters, making them partners in the unending battle against the demonic powers. The parabatai bond allows them to draw on each other's strength, sense one another's life force, and gives greater power to the runes they mark each other with.

Each set includes one enkeli rune pin and one parabatai rune pin for two(2) pins total.