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Squishable T-Rex, you guys!

Squishable T-Rex is giant (about 20 inches from snout to tail) and he's so great. So great! We took the better part of a year to prototype this guy and get him to ULTIMATE AWESOMENESS. He's got adorable orange eyes and adorable vestigial arms and adorable bright neon green skin, just like in the comic! Only now he's soft and giant and round and furry instead of covered in scales or feathers or whatever! He's LEVELED UP in order to sleep in your bed or play with your friends and life partners!! And he is made of Squishable Stuff which means you'll want to hug him all day long.

I could talk about him forever but I'll just say this: I was walking around Toronto carrying this guy (in two arms, because he is a giant ball of SUPER CUTE STUFFED DINOSAUR) and no fewer then three strange women walked up to me and squeezed him without even introducing themselves! They were nice though so it worked out! - Ryan North

DETAILS: 100% polyester, made in China in an ICTI-CARE certified facility. Complies with ASTM & CPSIA safety standards.