The Nib Magazine Issue Four: Scams

Politics, Religion, and Economics


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The Nib

Scams are all around us. They’re in our food, in our media, in our White House. In the Scams issue of The Nib magazine 45 top-notch cartoonists from around the world pack 112 full-color pages with original stories of graphic journalism and political satire.

Matt Bors and Kazimir Lee illustrate how banks ripped off American homeowners in 2008, Maria Stoian reports from within the multi-level marketing empire, and Josh Carter, with artist Liz Enright, shares a personal story about his dad falling prey to the original Nigerian Prince email scam! Also featuring cartoonists Emi Gennis, Malaka Gharib, James Kochalka, Michael Kupperman, Joey Alison Sayers, Matt Lubchansky and many more!

Cover Artist: Gemma Correll