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The Adventures of Dr. McNinja webcomic has ended, and since it's finale, I've been asked at least a couple times a week when the last book collection will be released. The answer from our publisher is (and I paraphrase) "maybe when sales pick up on the current volumes."
So let's sell some books! I am now offering through TopatoCo, FREE signed and sketched bookplates to accompany your order of any Dr. McNinja volume. (No personalizations though, sorry.)
I will also be honest and say this might be your last chance to get these books. There are no current plans for reprinting. On the other hand, if a bunch fly off the shelves, that could change too.
Thank you as ever for your enjoyment and support of this comic!
PS: Write your name under where it says "EX LIBRIS". It means the book is from your collection."

Night Powers is the very first full color collection of the Adventures of Dr. McNinja! It contains Monster Mart, Death Volley, and Doc Gets Rad, as well as an exclusive full length comic by The Tick's Benito Cereno and Les McClaine, titled Beyond Winter Wonderdome. There's also a comic introduction by Hark! A Vagrant's Kate Beaton. All in all, it is a delight and a treasure.

232 pages.