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Lasers and Feelings CD

The Doubleclicks

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Track Listing:
1. Lasers and Feelings 03:02
2. Can't You See The World Is Ending 03:04
3. The Guy Who Yelled Freebird 03:45
4. Something Else 03:14
5. The Mystery's Gone 02:33
6. Nothing To Prove 03:53
7. Impostor 04:24
8. Rock Star Life 02:48
9. Christmas Ain't About Me 02:47
10. Oh, Mr. Darcy 03:18

Lasers & Feelings is the second studio album by The Doubleclicks, with songs about super-villains, the Mars Rover, and meeting people from the Internet in real life. It is the first full-band album by The Doubleclicks, and features drums, mandolins, saxophones and other instrumentation arranged with producer Stephen Webber.

released 09 July 2013

This album was produced by Stephen Webber and The Doubleclicks.
The album art & design is by Caitlin Hansen: