Machine of Death Game Accessories

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Tons of great accessories for your copy of the Machine of Death game!

• Skull Dice are pretty rad. Get one for each player! These dice are various cool colors and you will get random ones!!

• Card Sleeves help protect your game cards! These are Mayday Games Premium Euro Sleeves, thicker and more durable than "penny sleeves." 350 sleeves covers the base game cards. 950 sleeves covers the base game AND the Side Effects expansions.

• Replacement Notepads and Replacement Timer / Die / Fate Coin kits are good for the obvious reasons!

• Mission Log is a fun way to keep track of your favorite game sessions!

• Acrylic Spacers help keep your cards organized if you store them out of the tuck boxes. AND they are a handy quick reference for the Difficulty and Aftermath lists!

If you have all of these things...YOU ARE TRULY THE ULTIMATE ASSASSIN