Tiny Dragons Pins



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Red Dragon: This fire-breathing rascal lives high in the mountains, near lava flows. Nothing's too hot for this spicy boy! 
Blue Dragon: The speedy blue dragon lives in the desert, and enjoys chasing after the desert storms.
Green Dragon: The acid-breathing green dragon lives a quiet life in the deep forest, but don't let their sleepy demeanor fool you - they can be quite fierce!
Black Dragon: The secretive black dragon lives in toxic swamps and fens, and enjoys giving unwary adventurers a fright! 
White Dragon: The white dragon lives high in the arctic wastes, and is impervious to cold. Their frost breath can freeze you to the bones!
Gold Dragon: The gentle golden dragon sparkles with wisdom and wit, and this pin sparkles too! The gold dragon pin features high-quality golden sparkles that glimmer and shine like gold.