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International First Class
Posted by Jeffrey Rowland on 17 September 2010 06:00 PM

International/Canada First Class is the most inexpensive way to ship things to International destinations. This of course means it is unpredictable, occasionally very slow, and untraceable.

In our experience:

  1. about 60% of these package arrive just fine and within three weeks 
  2. 30% of them arrive in under six weeks
  3. 8% take up to nine weeks to be delivered
  4. about 2% of them never arrive. 

If after 7-8 weeks your International First Class package has not arrived, we will do one of two things:

  1. Ship a replacement package, preferably to an alternate, verified address. We will do this one time -- if the package doesn't arrive after the second attempt we can do no more.
  2. Refund 50% of your original order.

We recommend the other options but realize that on smaller orders it doesn't make sense for shipping to cost half the amount of the thing you bought. Someday we'll open international offices. Someday.

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