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Inventory Statuses
Posted by Jeffrey Rowland on 24 October 2009 11:58 AM

Inventory statuses are tracked automatically in real time. Minor fluctuations may occur due to returns or manufacturer delays, but should be about 93% accurate.

In Stock/No Message: In stock and shipping Now. Typically ships in 1-4 business days but during normal (not holiday times), usually closer to one.

Running Low: Supplies are low, so order it NOW because at any moment it might go to in "Reprinting" or "All Gone" status. Typically ships in 1-4 business days.

Reprinting/Backorder/Short Delay: Temporarily out of stock; if you see this a a reprint is already on order and should arrive within two weeks. We currently have no mechanism to inform you specifically when things will arrive, so follow us on the Twitter or Tumblr or get on the mailing list or RSS feed to find out when stuff comes in.

All Gone: Dodo fabulous. Extinct. Won't be making more of these. Sorry!

No Status: Either an on-demand item that we make in-house or something we have so many of that it isn't necessary to display status.

Popular items, especially new items, do sometimes go from In Stock to Reprinting very quickly. If there is any delay in your order, you will be notified and presented with ways to expedite it.

Items that aren’t apparel items (i.e. books, prints) can be assumed to be Shipping Now unless otherwise indicated.

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