TopatoCo at Comic-Con 2010

Forty years ago, a small gaggle of nerds were deemed too nerdy for society and were thusly banished from what was then known as East America Territory. For weeks they wandered the Great American Desert in search of a new home. In July of that year they stumbled upon a literal oasis in what would eventually become known as Southern California. It was in that rugged wasteland that the nerds would establish their homeland. They would name their homeland San Diego after their leader, Dr. Sam Diego.

For three weeks they flourished, playing Dungeons and Dragons and eating from plentiful Cheeto and Pocky plants. Legend says a boy nerd even held hands with a girl nerd.

Then one day, darkness attacked. Giant tentacle monsters from Japan rained furry fury from the skies. Unprotected, the Diego Nerds scrambled to make protective costumes from whatever they could find. The Diego Nerds managed to fight off the Japanese tentacle monsters, but all were mortally wounded in the process.

That is why nerds from the future and around the World descend upon San Diego each year, to celebrate these brave nerds with the biggest comics convention in the entire world.

Join TopatoCo artists Jeph Jacques, Joel Watson, Wes and Tony, Ryan North, David Malki !, Sam Logan, and Jeffrey Rowland at the San Diego Convention Center July 22-25, as we celebrate this proud nerd heritage. Booth 1231. We will also have special surprise guests! Follow @topatoco on the Twitter for up-to-the-minutes.

And if you’re in town, drop by our 2nd Annual SDCC Kick-off & Book Release Social on Thursday night, at Quality Social (789 6th Avenue) in San Diego starting at 9pm* (facebook page). It will be the release party for Sam and Fuzzy’s first big book, Fix Your Problem, and also for Jeffrey Rowland’s first Overcompensating collection, A Dangerous Obsession! Both of those books will go on sale here at the same time.

But then there’s a MC Frontalot show across town at about 11 so don’t feel like you have to stick around!

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