“Another Open House? Don’t you guys have friends?”

Yes! Yes we do have friends, and they are coming over on November 14th to mingle with ‘the people’.  We’ll all be hanging out from 12 to 6 at TopatoCo HQ. Come say hello, grab some cheap clearance stuff, start your holiday shopping early, bring us cupcakes to soak up the hootch.

Sam Brown found out the hard way that the US Postal Service does not appreciate a package that says, “Exploding Dog” on it – even when you try to explain that it’s your comic and you’re famous on the internet. So he hitched his wagon to the TopatoCo wagon train because somebody told him that we know where we’re going. If you walk up to him and say a random phrase, he will make a comic out of it! This proves awkward for Sam when he is walking through New York City as he ends up handing out a lot of comics to hobos.

Andrew Hussie is a mad genius who lives in a secret lair under the MBTA tunnels of Boston. He spends all of his waking hours updating MS Paint Adventures and plotting revenge on his nemesis, Ryan North.  Eschewing food and sunlight, he will not rest until MSPA is so huge that it takes over the entire internet. He is about 45% of the way there.

Local Hero Jeph Jacques was recently thought missing, until his wife heard a muffled crying coming from underneath a pile of fancy guitars and pulled him to safety. He chronicled his brave journey in the Oprah’s Book Club selection “A Million Little Picks”, and is now back from sailing around the world in time to hang out with us and resume work on his opus. Coming in  from out of town?  You can take the Questionable Content Tour through downtown Northampton while you are here. I am told that is a Thing.

Jeffrey Rowland is the creator of the popular webcomics Overcompensating and Wigu. He accidentally built an innovative and successful business with the webcomics merchandise distribution juggernaut TopatoCo, and now he doesn’t sleep very much. He lives in Massachusetts in a fortified bunker that he keeps stocked with taco fixin’s and the kind of beer that only old men drink. He’s pretty happy as long as those stupid butt cats keep quiet.



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