Photo Contest!

Everyone knows that January is the second worst month of the year after March. March is useless. Go home, March. It’s the last week in January, so let’s do something with it. We’re having a photo contest!

Did you know that if you submit a photo of yourself (or your pet) wearing (or reading or using) any of our products that we will send you $10 off your next order? You didn’t? Aw man, you gotta get in on this party. We also put your picture up in our Gallery Of Cool Dudes so that the whole internet will know how cool you are. Maybe you’ll make some new friends or find your soulmate! Our products are that friggin’ good.

Anyway, back to the contest. Submit a picture between now and midnight on January 31st, and the top brass at TopatoCo will choose the best five. Those five will win Super Rad Prize Packs. What’s in the packs? That’s a surprise! It’s all part of the fun. FUN, I SAY.

We’re looking for the most creative, funny, awesome photos, so get crackin’. Make Mama proud.

EDIT: We want to see the design on the shirt! Show off them torsos.

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