TCAF 2012, Let’s Go!

Aw yeah, this weekend is TCAF! May 5 and 6, at the Toronto Reference Library at 789 Yonge Street. The TopatoCo presence there will be mighty. Will there be anyone mightier? HIGHLY UNLIKELY, but we have been practicing our impromptu street fight-dancing just in case. The full list of attending, certified cartooning people appears below.

On Friday Night we are having a party! A combination TCAF kickoff/book launch party for the new books we are going to be launching at TCAF! A Softer World Volume 3, Dinosaur Comics Volume Three, Homestuck Volume 2, Three Panel Soul Volume One, and Three Word Phrase Volume One! More about those books here! This will happen at The Pilot, just down the street from the Toronto Reference Library where TCAF is!

Which of our friends will be there? These of our friends will be there (and you too, hopefully)!

Aaron DiazAndrew HussieAnthony ClarkChris BaldwinChristopher HastingsDavid Malki !Emily HorneJeffrey RowlandJeph JacquesJoey ComeauJon RosenbergKate Beaton (with Drawn and Quarterly) • Meredith GranRyan NorthRyan PequinSam Logan

And a lot more friends, hundreds of friends but those are the ones who also count as Professional Friends.

And Saturday and Sunday us at TCAF on the 2nd floor of the Library, megabooth 222-230! We will have books and posters and smiles and mischievous grins (but no t-shirts, sorry). You can learn about ALL the TCAF programming here! One of the best parts about TCAF: Admission is free for everyone!

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