TopatoCo takes on San Diego 2011!

Terror at the San Diego Convention Center

Let’s face it! You’re either not going to Comic-Con or you are, and if you’re not then you don’t need to know nothing about it, and if you are then you already know where it is and all that. What you need from us is:

WHERE WE WILL BE: In the Webcomics Pavilion, booth 1229. Right near most of the other webcomics! OR, if you forget, just think “1-2-3-4.” Booth 1234 is only about 20 feet from us.

WHO’LL BE THERE: Jeffrey, Jeph, Ryan, Malki !, Hastings, Sam Logan, Joey & Emily, Wes & Tony, and special guests!

WHAT’LL WE HAVE: Ryan, Sam, and Wes & Tony will be all be premiering brand new books! They’ll be on sale here on the site in a couple weeks, but they’re being birthed, gasping, into the world at the convention first. Our plan is sort of like throwing a kid into the deep end to make sure they can swim, but instead of floundering in a chilly mountain lake, we’re talking about a simmering, frothing pool of nerds. Come save these things from drowning!

WHAT ELSE: If you show up, we will be happy to see you! Hooray!

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