Web-Comics on Ice

What is this? A gathering of webcomics people? In New England? And they’re all gonna be whacked out on crystal meth??? No, no, no. Almost definitely not.  It is however definitely gonna be the…

The Webcomics on Ice thing is part “webcomics-get-together” and part “check out all these great old arcade games that R Stevens and Melissa scored!” And get your books signed by everybody who’s gonna be there!

If you’re not doing anything better (legally this is impossible) you should totally come. You’re gonna have your R. Stevens, Jeph Jacques, Ryan North, Andrew Hussie, Danielle Coresetto, Meredith Gran, Chris “Doc” Hastings, John Keogh, KC Green, Jeffrey Rowland, and Dig Dug all in one spot for one afternoon. And maybe even dinner after at Apollo Grill!   Maybe.

And if you can’t come, we’ll be offering Ryan North’s own hand-drawn personalizations in the new Dinosaur Comics book on this here website starting January 24.

Featuring special guest Ryan North!


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