AmazingSuperPowers: Catalog of Regrets Book


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Was $20! Now only $12 for a limited time!
Ever wish you could enjoy the guilty laughs that come with AmazingSuperPowers without having to lug around a computer? Well, the wait is over, because these bizarre, squishy comics are now available in a more fragile, flammable medium!

Presenting the first ever AmazingSuperPowers book! In full-color splendor, enjoy 180+ handpicked comics from the last two years of ASP!

Not only are there the comics, but this volume includes alt-texts and an appendix loaded with each strip’s corresponding hidden comic. Hot damn!

As if that wasn’t enough, there are 14+ pages of bonus content crafted specifically for this book, including features such as rejected comics, character concept sketches, and behind-the-scenes action! ISBN: 978-1-936561-92-6.