Kochi Wanaba Comic Prints


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Kochi Wanaba is the sweet tale of how childhood friendship can splinter into quite horrific pieces, as arguments, insects and murder unravel loyalties and ruin lives. It's a pencil-drawn web book updating three times a week at kochiwanaba.com, and if you want to grab some of the lush pages as your own well now you CAN, right here at TopatoCo!

HOW TO ORDER: Simply visit the prints page HERE, choose the page(s) you want, then make a note of the code underneath (i.e. kpcover, kp000, etc.). Then enter that code into the little box up there, and add it to your virtual buggy. Repeat as necessary; the thing will stay in your basket for several hours.

PRINT INFO: Approximately 8.25" x 11". Printed on archival-quality enhanced-matte paper, on our own super-fancy Giclée printer! Rolled carefully into a plastic tube that is shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube.

Our prints are set up and cut by a hu-man so minor variations in sizing may occur. Sizes quoted are approximate.