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Chainmail and Cello CD

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Track Listing:
1. Oh, Mr. Darcy 03:16
2. Spock Impersonator 02:14
3. The Nerdy Birthday Song 01:01
4. Apostrophe 02:11
5. No Easy Way 02:34
6. Clever Girl 01:10
7. The Way I Glow 02:46
8. The Internet National Anthem 02:13
9. Don't You Love Me? 03:11
10. Will They or Won't They? 02:25
11. Worst Superpower Ever 02:24

Chainmail and Cello was the first studio album released by The Doubleclicks. It features songs written in the band's first few years, including songs about Mr. Darcy, Dungeons & Dragons, Velociraptors and unrequited love.

released 30 April 2012

This album was produced by The Doubleclicks.
The album photos were taken by Cahoots Photography.