Love Problems

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Track Listing:

1. Lord of the Rings 03:10
2. Kilogram 03:11 video
3. Sensitive Badass 05:06
4. Now is the Time 03:05
5. Women Know Math 02:52
6. Wrong About Gender 03:17
7. Big Bang (feat. Jonathan Coulton) 03:47
8. Out of Charge 01:22
9. Extra Gin 04:12
10. Juneau 03:39

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Released August 15, 2017

The Doubleclicks are Angela M Webber and Aubrey Turner.

This album was produced by The Doubleclicks & Danielle Ate The Sandwich,

with performances by the Doubleclicks and these amazing special guests:

Danielle Ate The Sandwich - background/additional vocals, ukueleles, guitars

Adam Hanson - drums and percussion

Megumi Sasaki - violin

Jonathan Coulton - vocals on Big Bang

Lucia Fasano - background vocals on Sensitive Badass

Group Vocal on Extra Gin: Christian Lipski, Jessica Hebert, Hollyanna McCollum, Fletcher Lanning, Lucia Fasano, Richard Malena-Webber, and Chris Waffle

“Now Is The Time” is based on the novel “Piper Perish” by Kayla Cagan.

This amazing album art was created by Amanda Etches (

with photos by Beth Olson (

Mastered by Cauliflower Audio.

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