Worst Superpower Ever CD


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Track Listing:
1. Uncle Geek's House 01:57
2. Worst Superpower Ever (kid's version) 02:24
3. The Nerdy Birthday Song (kid's version) 01:00
4. No Easy Way 02:34
5. This Fantasy World (kid's version) 02:59
6. Clever Girl 01:10
7. Apostrophe (kid's version) 02:12
8. A Lullaby For Mr. Bear 02:07

Worst Superpower is the kid's EP released by The Doubleclicks. It features "cleaned-up" family-appropriate versions of songs from the album "Chainmail and Cello" as well as an extra song, Uncle Geek's House.

released 30 April 2012

This album was produced by The Doubleclicks.
The album art was created by Dane Ault at monkeyminionpress.com.