Gaslamp Games Sticker Pack


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Let's face it. Nobody's going to try to pass your car on the Autobahn if they see Lord Dredmor's steely visage stuck to your bumper. Nobody's going to try to open your security briefcase if it's covered in Diggles. Why? Because Diggles will Mess You Up, and people know this. They just know.

You need stickers? We got Stickers. Stick 'em to things.

Caution: do not affix the Lutefisk Rune sticker to anything that you do not want to turn into Lutefisk. Sticker may contain lye. Sticker Sizes: Berzerker: 4"x4", Dredmor: 3.5" circle, Diggle Hate: 4.25"x2.75", Skol and Yellow Diggle: 4"x4".