Sam and Fuzzy 11x17 Prints


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Vampire/Werewolf Car Chase: If the title doesn't sell you on this print, then honestly, I'm not sure what will.

Sam and Fuzzy: A take-home version of the "title screen"-esque art and logo created for Sam and Fuzzy's con appearances, these 11 x 17 art prints are perfect for hanging on your wall... or constructing scale models of convention booths (weirdo).

Five Stripes: Everyone's favourite party of Underground-traversing, robot bear-battling, crab-counseled misfits are now stylishly emblazoned on this sexy 11 x 17 art print.

Fight!: Lovingly crafted with detail and brimming with ideological turmoil.

Evil Diva: A replica of the title spread of RAGE magazine's interview with heavy metal legend Nicole Dubois. Authentically inane music magazine interview questions included at no extra charge!

All Five: Get all five prints for just $35. BUY MORE SAVE MORE.