Dave's Broken Record Shirt

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Standard: Canvas Brand #3000 Canvas Men's Long Sleeve Raglan Baseball T-Shirt White/Red, or Canvas Brand #3200 Canvas Men's 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Baseball and
Ladies: American Apparel 4353 3/4 Sleeve Raglan (form-fitting, super-soft 50/50 cotton/polyester - these run small, if in doubt order a size up) in White/Red.

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This shirt requires special washing care! 
White and Red are mortal dye enemies, and their battlefield is your washing machine. To keep your shirt from reverting to a horrible pink bleed and taking the rest of your wash with it, we suggest the following:
  1. Wash your shirt in COLD water. With like colors, which is to say Red and reddish colors. Or by itself.
  2. Add ½-1 cup of white vinegar along with your detergent.
  3. Wash your shirt on the "Delicate" cycle.
  4. To make 100% sure nothing bad happens to this shirt and ones in the same load, wash alone by hand using cold water.
  5. ALSO to make sure that your shirt does not shrink in the dryer, use a low or no-heat setting, or air try..