Mornings Can Kiss My Cloaca Mug

Animals Doing Things They Aren't Supposed to Do


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A cloaca is a common cavity at the end of the digestive tract for the release of both excretory and genital products in vertebrates (except most mammals) and certain invertebrates. They're what mornings can kiss.

The first batch of these had a little misprint and we're selling those for $10. They're still very good, just not exactly right. The "MORNINGS CAN KISS MY CLOACA" side is unaffected. If you don't mind you can save $5! Just select the Misprint version!

Mug Info: Regular old coffee mug-sized (4" tall, 3 1/2" wide), 11oz, screen-printed coffee mug. Top-level dishwasher safe but for longest life, please hand-wash. Holds 11 ounces of delicious, raw eggs.

and they smell like this