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Treatise One: Alchemical treatises were visual depictions of formulas and methods loaded with hidden meaning used to pass secrets to other alchemists. This print first appeared at the end of Chapter 7 as a hint of things to come.

Treatise Two: The second treatise summarises the first book in a single picture. Carver is lead towards the Court while Coyote and Renard circle overhead.

Treatise Three: The third treatise summarises the second book. Carver is being lead deeper into the Court while Ysengrin watches from the trees. Kat stares into the electric lights of the Court.

Treatise Four: The fourth treatise summarises the third book. Annie looks into the woods while the ghost of Jeanne looms behind the two friends.

Treatise Five:The fifth treatise, as featured in Gunnerkrigg Court Volume 4: Materia.

Prints Specs: 11" x 16" (28x41cm), printed on super-high quality semi-glossy luster, photo-type paper. Printed here at TopatoCo using our own in-house, giclée printer, for the best quality prints commercially available on Earth. Ships rolled in plastic sleeves inside of insanely sturdy tubes.