Disposable Machine of Death



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We tried to make a version of Machine of Death that was absolutely horrible, with binding that fell apart after one read and paper that flaked apart in your hands. We wanted to drive the price of this thing so low that if you're on the fence...if you want to turn your friends on to the book...if you want to read it and throw it away guiltlessly...you'd have no excuse not to pick it up.

Well, we failed. The printers sheepishly said "This is as bad as we can make it." And it's great, identical in every way to every other grocery-store edition mass market paperback of every other book in the world. And it's the cheapest Machine of Death in print, ever. Smaller than the original, more portable, more giftable, and with tinier type.

We've also made it available in quantity packs in case you want to stock up a classroom, book club, gift exchange, or mattress. Our second volume is coming out in July 2013, and we want everyone in the world to read this first one before then. Get one for yourself and two for those friends you wish were your BEST friends. They will be, once they read it.

Book Info: 500 pages. Bricklike.