Struwwelpeter Pop-Up Book



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In 1845 Heinrich Hoffman created Der Struwwelpeter for his son in response to what he perceived to be a lack of good children’s books. In this beautiful volume, Marianne R. Petit takes ten of Hoffman's cautionary tales and retells them in pop-up book form complete with scroll and animations accessible through a companion Augmented Reality (AR) App.

The ten stories include:

  • Shockhead Peter
  • Cruel Frederick
  • Little Suck-A-Thumb
  • Augustus Who Would Not Eat His Soup
  • The Inky Boys (a tale of racism adapted for 21st century retelling)
  • Pauline & The Matches
  • The Man Who Went Out Hunting
  • Figity Philip
  • Johnny Head-In-The-Air
  • Flying Robert

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