Pabst Blue Kitten Shirt

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The Pabst Blue Kitten was officially certified a breed by the Cat Fancier's Association in 1844. The breed takes its name from the elegant blue ribbons adorning the necks of the feline residents of the Pabst Kitten Farm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  

Now it's dirt cheap and the kitty is sustained mostly by nostalgia or post-ironic earnestness. Whether riding your fixie bike or polishing the kinks out of imitation Ray-Ban Wayfarers, the Pabst Blue Kitten will never let you down, especially if your band suddenly breaks up. Now available in a 24 pack!

Shirt Info: Merrily screenprinted on Mens Gildan Ultra Cotton in NATURAL, and American Apparel (2102) in CRÈME! See sizing information if you are curious about how big things are in real life.