Axolotl Shirt

Cephalopods and Dinosaurs


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Wigu Do you like Axolotls? Of course you do. Here are some axolotl facts!

  • Wild axolotls only live in a few lakes around Mexico City and are critically endangered!
  • They can fully metamorphose into an adult salamander, but choose to stay aquatic and cute with cute little gills instead because being an adult is stressful and hard.
  • If an axolotl loses a limb it can fully regrow that limb! Sometimes it will only hurt a limb but still grow a brand new limb and then it has Extra Limbs!!
  • Look at its face. LOOK at that FACE.
  • If you buy an axolotl in Japan, it will be called an “Oopa Woopa” becuase that is very cute!

Celebrate this weird little baby-faced salamander by putting it on your body! As a shirt!

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  • Mens/Unisex Shirts are printed on American Apparel Fine Jersey Mens/Unisex (or Royal Apparel 5051). 3XL and 4XL may be substituted with Gildan Ultra Cotton or Hanes Beefy-T in closest color match.
  • Ladies Shirts are printed on 100% cotton Bella+Canvas Favorite Tee (6004) or Gildan Softstyle (64000L).