Dinosaur Comics fig e. Everybody Knows...

Cephalopods and Dinosaurs


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Holy smokes, a Dinosaur Comics book, unabridged and in full colour, AND with all three secret texts for each comic included! And it is the most gorgeous ever in time. I guess things are looking up after all!

Featuring a choose-your-own-introduction by Andrew Hussie of MS Paint Adventures and two new indices written by me, Ryan: one where I did an Actual Scientific N-Gram Analysis of the comic and another more practical one that includes, among other things, the two different types of phones referenced by T-Rex (ie: "homographic autantonymic homo-"), this book might just be the very thing you need to put in your house to make it... the raddest? It's even got special guest comics by Chris "Dr. McNinja" Hastings, Aaron "Dresden Codak" Diaz and Rebecca "House of Sugar" Kraatz! Look, it's always dangerous to personify books, but "Dinosaur Comics: Everybody Knows Failure is Just Success Rounded Down" wants to be in your life. I know it.

This book contains all Dinosaur Comics from 2007. 256 pages, color, ISBN 978-1-936561-90-2.