Cohen is a Ghost Sticker Set

Cohen Is a Ghost


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We pass through the veil of this world SO QUICKLY-- it seems that no sooner has the doctor sloughed the caul from our eyes than the undertaker has pulled them from their yielding sockets, to be replaced by some ghoulish prop-orb for the comfort of our family. What do undertakers do with the vast treasure of eye-balls they gather over the decades? To what strange gods do they pay tribute? That is not for us to know! On to NEW BUSINESS! These stickers will allow you to irrevocably mar your laptop, the bumper of your car, the silly interior of your school locker, your family portraits, anything! The possibilities are only limited to your own sense of decorum--which is to say, the possibilities are limitless.

Sticker Info: The stickers are 3" x 3" and suitable for indoor and (normal) outdoor use.