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Book One: Awoken from a shallow grave, a tired and unsure cowgirl named Abigail is told by some witches nearby she is the key to the end of the world. Abigail accepts it as she had nothing else to do (she had just woken up from the shallow grave mentioned earlier). So she treks north to do that, but people keep asking her things and her general curiosity gets her into a couple fights. Can Daniel the Druid change her mind? Or at the very least open this bottle for her, she’s very thirsty for the contents inside (the bottle).

192 pages, 7x9”, Full Color. Includes several sketches from both Anthony and KC inside showing the groundwork on creating the look for the comic and other misc. doodles.

Book Two: The Continuing Adventures of Abigail, the doomed cowgirl, and Daniel, the druid, as they attempt to make up her mind about wether or not the world should be spared from the end only she can bring upon it (somehow). The King is there too. He’s usually mad that nothing seems to be going his way anymore.

7x9in, 240 Pages, Full Color, Includes select sketches from KC that he would send Anthony to help when writing just wouldn’t cut it on descriptions and the like.

Additional artwork by John Keogh and Britt Wilson!

Bookplate Versions have bookplates pre-signed and sketched by Anthony and KC and are not made to order. For physics reasons they are not available with PDFs.

BACK BOOK 2 (240pgs) PDF
Collecting chapters 5-9 • Outstanding Color Interior • Includes progress sketches from KC

BACK BOOK 1 (193pgs) PDF
Collecting the prologue thru chapter 4 • Amazing Color interiors •  Includes progress sketches from Anthony and KC