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Sheldon Comic Prints

Sheldon Comic Prints

Sheldon Comic Prints


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Now you can get prints of all your favorite Sheldon comics! Each piece is crisply printed -- dare we say "lovingly" printed? -- on matte poster-art stock, and looks fantastic when framed up. Most prints will even show details you'd never see, online. It's like stepping into a whole new world of class, frankly. Like those hotel soaps that smell like oranges.

BUT HOW DO I ORDER THEM? If you came here from a link at Sheldon, the date is already added for you! But if you know the date of the strip you want, you can also manually add it, in the date-format YYMMDD. You can even search for the strip you want, using its punchline or key words, here.

WHAT SIZE IS THE PRINT? The prints for the traditional, horizontal Sheldon comics measure 5.5" tall x 14" wide. But the sizes for the taller strips can vary. Some of those might come out as 11" tall x 14" wide, or 14" wide x 11" tall, etc.

HOW ARE THEY SHIPPED? Prints are rolled carefully into a plastic tube that is shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube.

WHAT WILL MY FACE LOOK LIKE WHEN THEY ARRIVE? Oh man you're gonna be so excited.

Print Info: Printed on high quality enhanced doubleweight matte paper. About 16" wide on average but unusually-sized ones may be up to 24" wide, ask us if you want. Printed here at TopatoCo using our own wide-format Epson 9880, for the best quality prints commercially available to regular people.