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Tired of holiday hype? Gritting your teeth until New Year’s Eve? Erin McKeown is too. Filled with profanity, irreverance, and just plain bad behavior, “F*ck That!” is the antidote to all that annoying holiday spirit. It’s the world’s first anti-capitalist, pro-queer, suspicious of christmas-as-patriotism, sex-positive, not safe for work, multi-ethnic, radical leftist Anti-Holiday record. There is nothing redeeming about christmas in any of these 10 songs. Please note this album contains adult language and themes completely inappropriate for children. On purpose.

About the Hymnal PDF

Learn to sing and play the new classic Anti-Holiday songs of  “F*ck That!” .  This sacred hymnal contains chords and lyrics for all 10 songs on the album, many of Erin’s own Anti-Holiday Aphorisms, plus bonus Extra Fun.