HUNDREDS OF LIONS (2009) - 10th Anniversary Vinyl Now Available!

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With no label exec to watch the clock, Sam Kassirer and Erin McKeown retreated to a farmhouse studio tucked in a pocket of rural New England and experimented. They squished acoustic sounds through synthesizers. They programmed electronic squiggles to mingle with orchestral strings recorded in a country church down the street. Brass and woodwinds, traditionally last, were recorded very early on so they built the core of the record instead of just layered on top. They tried it all then whittled away what didn’t work. The result is a record that’s lush but focused, that soars and dips, with lyrics that dismantle the elegance and danger of desire.

The 10th Anniversary Limited Vinyl is a deluxe 180g delicious red goodness in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve that celebrates Brian Grunert’s original artwork. Plus, we added “Minneapolis”, a never-before-released track from the original recording sessions, co-written with album drummer Allison Miller. Very Limited Edition

Track List / Click for Lyrics

1. To A Hammer
2. Santa Cruz
3. You, Sailor
4. The Foxes
5. (Put the Fun Back in) The Funeral
6. The Lions
7. All That Time You Missed
8. The Boats
9. The Rascal
10. 28
11. Seamless
Bonus: Minneapolis (DELUXE VINYL ONLY)