Diablo the Satanic Chicken Action Figure

Halloween 2019


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The Diablo action figure is here! Now you too can join the elite network of dozens of other people who have found their own private nirvana by perching their own plastic, satanic chicken atop a computer monitor or threatening their He-Man collectibles with chickeny danger! Here are just a few of Diablo's many features:
  • Diablo has four points of articulation, at the waist, wings and neck.
  • Diablo's head is removable, just like in real life.
  • Diablo comes with accessories:
    • one (1) Human Skull
    • one (1) Satanic Whoopee Cushion
    • one (1) Necronomicon, 2nd. Ed.
    • three (3) pc. Oversized Novelty Bacon
  • Diablo's head can be replaced with his Human Skull for awesome skull-chicken action.
  • Diablo is approx. 3" tall, and will be to scale with future Goats action figures.
  • Diablo comes in a neato collector's box.
  • Diablo will bring you everlasting joy and peace of mind.