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“The day of the skeleton's unveiling had attracted a crowd filling every crevice of the museum's greatest hall. The professor took two handfuls of the cloth. 'I beg of you, learned ladies and gentlemen, to treat this specimen as you would any other marvel of science, despite how unusual it may appear.'

'On with it!' came a call from the back. The cloak was drawn back, and that stark, bony shape struck every voice dumb. It was a monster, a being from beyond the nightmares of any present, and the Professor had assured them it was real.

But it was too implausible, too horrifying to contemplate. A murmur grew to a cry, a whisper to a shout: ‘Hoax!’, came one, ‘Charlatan!’, another.

But the Professor fiercely hushed them all. ‘My men are dead,’ he cried with evident emotion; ‘and you cry hoax? This specimen,’ he went on, his voice audibly trembling, ‘is only the first of the many I shall destroy.’ ”

— The Hunt for the Piranhamoose, or, Beasts of the Devil, 1881

Hoodie Info: Screenprinted on American Apparel 5497 mens/unisex zipper hoodie in Black! Ink glows in the friggin dark. See the sizing information page for information about sizes.