End Pose Print

Andrew Hussie


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Another balmy summer evening. The city rolls these nights like loaded dice.

It's tough for a flatfoot to make it in a town like this. Some towns are built loose and a stiff breeze of upset blows through, but these bricks are tight-knit. Built like a damn Chippewa birchbark canoe. Not much daylight seeps through, see? A gumshoe asks questions and questions upset. It's like some shawlless dame frostbit in winter, too proud to take your coat for some damn reason. You know how dames are. The city turns her cold shoulder to a type a fella and that's all there is to it.

But a HIGH QUALITY PRINT like this don't pay for itself if you catch my drift.

Print Info: Printed on super-high quality 10 mil semi-gloss photo paper using our own big, fancy printer! Museum quality!