Questionable Content Vol. Six

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The sixth print collection of QC is here! Ha ha WOOO! Butts 

We've been making print editions for the past few years, and it's time for the sixth volume, collecting comics 1500-1799. It's a full-color collection featuring all-new commentary on each strip as well as some other cool bonus material. There's lots of Marigold being awkward in this one. Hannelore and Sven go on a date! Faye makes out with Angus a bunch and is VERY ANGSTY. There's a Roomba with a jet engine. It's a pretty good time.

Book Info: Softcover, Full Color, 560 pages, 210 x 148 mm (8.27 x 5.83 inches). ISBN 978-1-936561-48-3. Printed in China.